Yellowstone Spinoff “1923” Begins Filming in Austin, Texas

The highly anticipated spinoff series “1923,” a prequel to the hit show “Yellowstone,” is finally making progress after facing production delays due to last year’s WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Created by Taylor Sheridan, the Western drama series delves into the history and origins of the Dutton Family dynasty.

In a surprising move, “1923” is shifting its production base from Montana—where most of Season 1 was filmed—to Austin, Texas. The decision comes after careful consideration, likely influenced by favorable tax incentives in the Lone Star State. Austin Business Journal reports that Season 2 will begin filming in July, with principal photography scheduled to run through the summer and conclude in September—all within the vibrant city of Austin.

The Dutton Legacy Continues

“1923” explores the hardships faced by the Dutton family during the titular year. Set against the backdrop of prohibition and the early stages of The Great Depression, the series introduces us to a new generation of Duttons. Acting legends Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren take on the roles of Jacob and Cara Dutton, while Brandon Sklenar portrays Spencer Dutton. Julia Schlaepfer and Jerome Flynn also feature in this captivating saga.

A Budget Breakdown

The upcoming season boasts a substantial budget of $150 million, a testament to the show’s ambition and scale. For Greater Austin taxpayers, this investment promises economic benefits and a boost to the local entertainment industry. While no official release window has been announced, given the extensive post-production process, viewers can expect Season 2 to grace their screens sometime in 2025.

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