EA SPORTS College Football 25: A New Era of Gridiron Glory

The anticipation surrounding EA SPORTS College Football 25 has reached a fever pitch, and fans are eagerly awaiting the game’s worldwide launch on July 19 for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S. As the countdown begins, let’s dive into the exciting modes and features that will define this modern-era college football experience.

College Football 25 introduces CampusIQ™, a suite of features that brings the true depth of college football to life. Across all 134 FBS schools, players will experience wide-open, fast-paced gameplay that mirrors the explosive energy of game days. Whether you’re running the ground game with Army’s Flexbone offense or launching aerial assaults with USC’s Air Raid, the unique player ratings, team tiers, and custom in-game passing mechanics capture the essence of college football.

Wear & Tear System

In the heat of battle, players wear down. The Wear & Tear System tracks their physical condition, forcing coaches to make strategic decisions. Manage your team’s health, limit fatigue, assess injury risks, and ensure your star players are at their peak when it matters most. Will you trust seasoned seniors or take a gamble on untested freshmen?

Pre-Snap Recognition

Every snap counts, and Pre-Snap Recognition adds a layer of strategy. Coaches must choose wisely: rely on experienced veterans or roll the dice with promising rookies? The decisions you make before the ball is snapped can alter the course of the game.

Fan-Favorite Modes: Dynasty and Road To Glory

Dynasty Mode

Dynasty Mode returns, allowing you to construct your own powerhouse program. As a created coach, you’ll recruit talent, manage rosters, and guide your team to glory. The thrill of building a legacy awaits, and the pressure to succeed is palpable. Will you lead your team to multiple championships or crumble under the weight of expectations?

Road To Glory

Road To Glory, another fan favorite, puts you in the cleats of a college football player. But there’s a twist: we’ve skipped the high school level. Instead, you’ll select your star level and attributes during player creation, diving straight into your collegiate career. Will you chase the Heisman Trophy, break records, and etch your name in history?

Fresh Online Experiences

Road to the College Football Playoff

For the first time, College Football 25 introduces Road to the College Football Playoff. Battle against other players online, climb the rankings, and secure a spot in the prestigious playoff. The stakes are high, and the competition fierce. Can you lead your team to championship glory?

College Football Ultimate Team™

Collect, build, and compete with your dream team in College Football Ultimate Team™. Assemble a roster of legendary players, customize your lineup, and take on challengers from around the world. The gridiron awaits—prove your skills and dominate the field.

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