Wonky Box delivers fresh and affordable produce to South Island customers

Wonky Box, a fruit and vegetable delivery business that rescues surplus and imperfect produce from growers, has expanded its service to the South Island, gaining more than 1,400 new customers in the process.

Wonky Box was founded in 2022 by Angus Simms and Katie Jackson, who saw an opportunity to reduce food waste and help local growers, while also providing quality and affordable produce to households. The business sources fruits and vegetables that are rejected by supermarkets and wholesalers due to cosmetic flaws, overproduction, or seasonal fluctuations, and delivers them to customers in weekly boxes.

The business aims to divert produce from waste, which contributes to 4% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Ministry for the Environment. It also provides an extra revenue stream for growers, who otherwise would have to dump or feed their surplus produce to animals. The business works with more than 100 growers across the country, including Nova Trust, a not-for-profit grower and recovery centre in Christchurch.

A growing demand for fresh and affordable produce

Wonky Box has been operating in the North Island since its inception, and has seen a growing demand for its service, especially amid the cost of living crisis. The business has delivered more than 2 million kilograms of produce to more than 30,000 customers, saving them an average of 40% on their grocery bills.

The business has also received many requests from South Island customers, who wanted to access its service. After working with South Island growers and employing 17 staff members in the region, the business was able to launch its service in the South Island in February 2024. The business has already gained more than 1,400 new customers in the South Island, with many opting for medium to large-sized boxes.

A positive impact for people and the planet

Wonky Box’s expansion to the South Island is a positive step for the business, the growers, the customers, and the environment. The business is able to reach more people and reduce more waste, while also creating more jobs and supporting more growers. The growers are able to sell more of their produce and receive fair prices, while also contributing to a sustainability cause. The customers are able to enjoy fresh and affordable produce, while also saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.

Wonky Box’s co-founder Angus Simms said: “We are thrilled to be able to bring our service to the South Island and to work with amazing growers in the region. We are passionate about reducing waste, making fresh produce accessible and affordable, and supporting our local growers.”

Wonky Box’s co-founder Katie Jackson said: “We are overwhelmed by the positive response and feedback from our South Island customers, who have been eagerly waiting for our service. We are grateful for their support and trust, and we look forward to delivering them quality produce every week.”

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