Scorsese pays tribute to Powell and Pressburger in new documentary

Scorsese pays tribute to Powell and Pressburger in new documentary. The legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese narrates and produces a film about the British duo who inspired him, Made in England: The Films of Powell and Pressburger, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. The documentary, directed by David Hinton, is a personal and moving look at two of the most influential and innovative filmmakers in cinema history.

Powell and Pressburger created some of the most memorable and original films of the 20th century. The pair, who formed a partnership in 1939, made 24 films together, spanning various genres and styles, such as drama, comedy, romance, fantasy, and musical. Some of their classics include The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus, A Matter of Life and Death, and The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp.

Their films were known for their visual flair, artistic expression, and thematic depth. They used color, lighting, editing, and music to create stunning and surreal images and atmospheres. They also explored complex and controversial topics, such as war, love, death, religion, and identity, with wit, intelligence, and emotion.

Their films were admired and acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, and won several awards, including Oscars, BAFTAs, and Golden Globes. They also influenced many filmmakers, such as Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and of course, Martin Scorsese.

Scorsese shares his passion and admiration for Powell and Pressburger in the documentary

Scorsese shares his passion and admiration for Powell and Pressburger in the documentary. The Oscar-winning director, who is known for his films such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and The Irishman, reveals how he discovered and fell in love with their films when he was a young boy in New York, watching them on television.

He explains how their films shaped his cinematic vision and style, and how he learned from their techniques and storytelling. He also recounts how he became friends with Michael Powell in the 1970s, and how he helped restore and preserve some of their films, along with his longtime editor and Powell’s widow, Thelma Schoonmaker.

He also interviews some of the actors, collaborators, and admirers of Powell and Pressburger, such as Moira Shearer, Deborah Kerr, Jack Cardiff, Michael Caine, and Wes Anderson. He shows clips and behind-the-scenes footage from their films, and analyzes their artistic and cultural significance.

He also expresses his gratitude and respect for Powell and Pressburger, and their legacy. He says that their films are “grand, poetic, wise, adventurous, headstrong, enraptured by beauty, deeply romantic, and completely uncompromising.”

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