Google and MultiversX team up to make blockchain data more accessible and insightful

Google and MultiversX, a blockchain platform that enables the seamless transfer of digital asset ownership, have announced a new milestone in their partnership. The two companies have integrated MultiversX’s blockchain data with Google BigQuery, a cloud data warehouse that allows users to query and analyze large datasets. The integration, which was announced in an official post, aims to democratize access to blockchain insights and foster innovation in the Web3 space.

MultiversX, which was launched in 2020, is a blockchain platform that uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and a novel data structure called xGraph to enable fast, secure, and scalable transactions and smart contracts. The platform also supports the creation and exchange of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique digital assets that represent anything from art and music to gaming and sports.

The integration with Google BigQuery means that MultiversX’s blockchain data is now readily accessible and easy to visualize for anyone with a Google account. Users do not need to install any specialized software or sync the entire ledger to access the data. They can simply use SQL queries to explore various aspects of the MultiversX network, such as the top 100 block producers, the daily transaction counts, the NFT activity, and more.

The integration also enables users to combine MultiversX’s blockchain data with other data sources, such as social media, web analytics, or market data, to gain deeper insights and discover new opportunities. For example, users can analyze the correlation between NFT sales and social media engagement, or the impact of market events on transaction volumes.

MultiversX and Google Cloud collaborate to accelerate Web3 adoption and innovation

The integration with Google BigQuery is part of a broader collaboration between MultiversX and Google Cloud, which was announced during the xDay 2023 Conference in Bucharest, Romania. The collaboration covers a range of initiatives to support the development and growth of the MultiversX ecosystem and the wider Web3 community.

These initiatives include a startup accelerator program, which provides selected startups with access to the MultiversX network, technical support, funding, and mentorship; hackathons, which challenge developers to create innovative solutions using MultiversX and Google Cloud technologies; developer initiatives, which offer training, resources, and incentives for developers to build on MultiversX; and joint business developments, which leverage the synergies and expertise of both companies to create new products and services.

The collaboration also demonstrates Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting the blockchain industry, as highlighted by Daniel Rood, Head of Web3 EMEA for Google Cloud. He said that Google Cloud is excited to work with MultiversX to drive adoption and innovation in the Web3 space, and to help users and developers benefit from the power and potential of blockchain technology.

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