Celebrating Women’s Excellence: Florida Tech Honors Four Trailblazers

In a vibrant celebration of Women’s History Month, the Florida Tech Alumni Association has honored four remarkable women for their contributions to the university and the broader community. These women, representing students, alumni, staff, and faculty, have been recognized at the annual WISE Awards for their inspiring roles in fostering women’s participation and development.

The WISE Awards, standing for Women Inspiring Success and Excellence, are a testament to the spirit of mentorship and leadership that these women embody. The awards ceremony, held in the Hartley Room, was a gathering of minds committed to the advancement of women in various spheres.

Meredith Carroll, with her Faculty Excellence Award, has been a beacon of innovation in aviation human factors. Her work at the ATLAS Lab is shaping the future of aviation safety and performance. Dana Washington, recipient of the Joan Bixby Staff Impact Award, has translated her military experience into empowering the next generation of ROTC cadets.

Pioneers in Their Fields

Isabela Perdomo, the Student Catalyst Award winner, exemplifies the drive for research and development with her dual degrees and leadership in the Biomedical Engineering Society. Christie Lynes, honored with the Alumna Legacy Award, continues to make waves in the community through her extensive volunteer work and the Melbourne Women Rock Networking Group.

These awards, inspired by Joan Bixby, reflect the enduring legacy of women who have paved the way for progress and equality. They highlight the importance of recognizing and supporting the roles women play in leading and innovating across disciplines.

A Legacy of Inspiration

The WISE Awards not only celebrate the achievements of these four women but also serve as a call to action for continued support and recognition of women’s contributions. As Florida Tech and its Alumni Association look to the future, they reaffirm their commitment to nurturing an environment where women’s success is not just possible but expected and celebrated.

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