Dolly Parton reveals her secrets to success in business and life

Dolly Parton is a live performer, recording artist, songwriter, novelist, philanthropist, Netflix producer, theme park operator and hotelier, just to name a handful of her business ventures. She sells everything from dog accessories to fragrances to even muffin mixes. How does she keep up the momentum? She shares her secrets to success in business and life in an interview with Bloomberg News.

Dolly Parton says she works hard for her success, way past nine to five. She says she is always climbing her own ladder, and never stops learning and improving. She says she is passionate about her music, which is the core of her business empire. She says she is more of the creative force and the one that has an overall sense of things, and she trusts her team to handle the details and the operations.

She says she has been blessed to be surrounded by great people who share her mission and values. She says she has a good gut feeling about who to work with and who to move on from. She says she cares about her team and her community, and she thinks some of them like her too.

Diversity and innovation

Dolly Parton says she is not afraid to try new things and diversify her business portfolio. She says she is always looking for opportunities and challenges, and she is open to change and adaptation. She says she is creative and innovative, and she designs and delivers products and services that stand out from the crowd and meet the needs and desires of her customers. She says she creates value and differentiation for her brand and business.

She says she leverages digital and social platforms to reach and engage her customers, and she provides convenient and seamless shopping experiences. She says she also invests in her people and her processes, and she creates a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Gratitude and humility

Dolly Parton says she is thrilled and humbled to receive the Telstra Business of the Year award and the Outstanding Growth award, which recognise her excellence and innovation in product design, customer service, marketing, and sustainability. She says she is grateful to her team and her community for their support and trust. She says she is also grateful to Telstra and the judges for this opportunity and this honour.

She says she is inspired by the other finalists and winners, who have shown excellence and innovation in their fields. She says she is proud to be part of the Australian business community, and she looks forward to continuing her journey of being 1% better every day.

Dolly Parton is not just a person – she is an empire. She reveals her secrets to success in business and life, which are hard work, passion, diversity, innovation, gratitude, and humility. She says she works her butt off, and she loves what she does.

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