Contracts 365: A New Contract Management Solution for Microsoft 365 Users

Contracts 365, a leading provider of contract management software for organizations that run Microsoft 365, has announced the availability of its platform in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store that offers applications and services for use on Azure. Contracts 365 leverages the Azure cloud platform, Microsoft 365 tenant, and SharePoint to store contracts and contract data, as well as the existing identity credentials and security protocols of the users. It also integrates with other Microsoft tools, such as Word, Outlook, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign, to provide a seamless and convenient contract management experience.

Contracts 365 is a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution that supports all pre- and post-execution contract activities, such as request, authoring, negotiation, approval, e-signature, storage, reporting, and renewal. It offers role-specific dashboards, automated workflows, notifications, and escalations, rich metadata and robust search, and contract analysis and extraction capabilities. It also leverages Microsoft Azure Open AI services, such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilots, to infuse artificial intelligence and innovation into the contract management process.

Contracts 365 is designed to meet the needs and preferences of Microsoft 365 users, who can access and manage their contracts using the familiar and intuitive interface of Microsoft products. Users can author, edit, and redline contracts in Word, receive notifications and approval requests in Outlook, initiate contracts and link data in Dynamics 365, and use their existing Microsoft credentials to log in to Contracts 365. Users can also benefit from the fast and secure e-signature integration with Adobe Sign and DocuSign, which enables a fully digital workflow.

Contracts 365: A Partner of Microsoft Azure Marketplace and MACC Program

Contracts 365 is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, where customers can find, try, and buy from among thousands of partner solutions. By joining the Azure Marketplace, Contracts 365 can reach a wider range of customers and build more direct relationships with Microsoft resellers. Contracts 365 is also part of Microsoft’s IP Co-Sell and Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) programs, which provide incentives and benefits for customers who invest in Microsoft Azure. Customers who purchase Contracts 365 through the Azure Marketplace can use their MACC funds to offset the cost of their investment in Contracts 365.

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, which provides access, management, and app development services. Azure is also a key component of Microsoft’s vision to bring generative AI to its customers worldwide. In November 2022, Microsoft announced the launch of Azure AI and Microsoft Copilot, which will infuse the intelligence of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the fabric of Microsoft’s software and tightly integrated products like Contracts 365.

Jasmin Steely, Contracts 365’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “Providing Contracts 365 to customers on the Azure Marketplace represents the next step forward in our relationship with Microsoft. We’re very excited because Microsoft places a heightened focus on the Azure Marketplace, so we’ll be able to reach an array of new customers—and build more direct relationships with Microsoft resellers.”

Jake Zborowski, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp., said, “We welcome Contracts 365 to the Azure Marketplace, where global customers can find, try, and buy from among thousands of partner solutions. Thanks to trusted partners like Contracts 365, Inc, Azure Marketplace is part of a cloud marketplace landscape predicted to grow revenue 500% from 2022 to 2025.”

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