Cam Newton says sorry for youth football fight

The former NFL star expressed regret for his involvement in a brawl at a 7-on-7 tournament in Atlanta last week.

The incident occurred on Feb. 25, when Cam Newton, the former NFL quarterback and 2015 MVP, was attending a 7-on-7 youth football tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. Newton, who runs a student athlete development program called C1N, was watching one of his teams play when he got into a scuffle with three men from another organization, Top Shelf Performance.

A video of the altercation, which went viral on social media, shows Newton being pushed and shoved by the three men, who were later identified as TJ Brown, Jalen Brown, and Darius Brown. Newton, who is 6-foot-6 and 245 pounds, appeared to handle the situation calmly, without losing his signature hat. According to an incident report, Atlanta police arrived at the scene, but no one involved wanted to press charges.

Why did the fight break out?

According to TJ Brown, who spoke to a Georgia radio station this week, the fight was sparked by a history of trash talk between the two organizations, which have been competing against each other for years. Brown claimed that Newton had disrespected him and his brother Jalen, who plays for Top Shelf Performance, by calling them names and making fun of their skills.

Brown also alleged that Newton initiated the physical contact by grabbing his brother’s arm as he was walking up the stairs. Brown said he intervened to defend his brother, and that’s when the brawl ensued. Brown said he regretted his actions, but he felt he had to stand up for his family.

How did Newton respond?

Newton addressed the incident on his YouTube show 4th and 1, which was published on Friday. Newton said he was disappointed in himself for letting his emotions get the best of him, and that he should have handled the situation differently. He apologized to anyone affected by the incident, including the event organizers, the players, and the parents.

Newton also urged the high school players, the athletes, and the people of influence to learn from his mistake, and to understand that one moment and one decision can change their lives. He said he hoped to use his platform to inspire and empower the youth, and not to tarnish his reputation.

Newton also named the three men who were involved in the fight, and said he hoped to have a conversation with them to clear the air and move on.

Who is Cam Newton?

Cam Newton is a former NFL quarterback who played for the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots. He was the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft, and he led the Panthers to a Super Bowl appearance in 2016. He won the NFL MVP award in 2015, and he holds several records for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback.

Newton has not played in the NFL since 2021, when he was released by the Patriots after losing his starting job to rookie Mac Jones. He has been involved in several charitable and educational initiatives, such as the Cam Newton Foundation, the C1N program, and the Cam Newton 7v7 Tournament Series.

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