UCP Business Students Learn from PSCA’s Smart City Solutions

A group of business administration students from the University of Central Punjab (UCP) visited the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) headquarters in Lahore on Tuesday, as part of their academic and professional development. The delegation was accompanied by their faculty members and was welcomed by the PSCA officials.

The UCP delegation was given a detailed briefing on the PSCA’s vision, mission, and functions by Director Public Relations Tauseef Sabih Gondal. He explained how the PSCA was using state-of-the-art technology and smart city solutions to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Punjab. He also highlighted the PSCA’s achievements and challenges in the areas of traffic management, emergency response, crime prevention, and public awareness.

UCP Delegation Tours PSCA Facilities

The UCP delegation also toured the PSCA’s facilities, including the Integrated Command, Control and Communication (IC3) Centre, the Police Dispatch Unit, the Media Monitoring Centre, and the PSCA Academy. The delegation witnessed the PSCA’s operations and systems, such as the video surveillance, the e-challan, the emergency helpline, and the social media monitoring.

The UCP delegation was impressed by the PSCA’s modern and efficient infrastructure and services, and appreciated the PSCA’s efforts to enhance the quality of life of the people of Punjab. The delegation also interacted with the PSCA staff and asked questions about the PSCA’s work and future plans.

UCP Delegation Expresses Gratitude and Interest

The UCP delegation expressed its gratitude and interest in the PSCA’s work and thanked the PSCA officials for their hospitality and cooperation. The delegation also expressed its desire to collaborate with the PSCA in the future, and to learn from the PSCA’s best practices and innovations.

The PSCA officials thanked the UCP delegation for their visit and encouraged them to pursue their academic and professional goals. They also invited the UCP delegation to participate in the PSCA’s internship and training programs, and to share their feedback and suggestions with the PSCA.

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