Tauranga’s Voice: Community Priorities Shaping the Future Council

As Tauranga approaches its local body elections, the Tauranga Business Chamber has conducted a poll revealing the community’s priorities for the incoming council. The results underscore a collective desire for a city that is easier to navigate and a housing market that is both accessible and affordable.

The poll results indicate that the top priority for the community is the improvement of the city’s transport and infrastructure. With an overwhelming call for action, residents are looking for candidates who will commit to making Tauranga more navigable. The expectation is for the development of efficient public transport systems and road networks that can keep pace with the city’s growth.

The community’s emphasis on transport reflects a broader concern for the environment and the quality of life. Sustainable and smart infrastructure solutions are not just desired but demanded by a populace eager to see their city evolve into a modern urban space.

Housing: A Pressing Concern

Closely following transport is the issue of housing supply and affordability. The poll reveals a pressing need for the council to address the housing crisis that has gripped the city. Prospective council candidates are being evaluated on their plans to tackle this challenge, with the community advocating for innovative housing policies and development strategies.

The housing debate in Tauranga is multifaceted, encompassing the need for more homes, the protection of community values, and the assurance that growth does not come at the expense of the city’s unique character. The incoming council will be expected to balance these aspects while providing tangible solutions to the housing shortage.

A Thriving City Centre

The revitalization of Tauranga’s city centre is another key priority identified by the poll. The community envisions a vibrant and bustling city heart, with support for local businesses and attractions that draw both residents and visitors. The focus is on creating a city centre that is not only economically prosperous but also culturally rich and inclusive.

The call for a thriving city centre is a reflection of the community’s pride in Tauranga. It is a call for spaces that foster connection, creativity, and commerce, and for a council that recognizes the value of a dynamic central hub.

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