Sudbury’s Cloe Lacasse Named to Canada’s Olympic Soccer Team

Cloe Lacasse, a talented soccer player from Sudbury, has been named to Canada’s Olympic soccer team for the upcoming Paris 2024 Games. Lacasse, who began her soccer journey at a young age, has made significant strides in her career, earning a spot on the national team. This selection marks a major milestone for Lacasse, who will be making her Olympic debut. Her inclusion in the team is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and exceptional skills on the field.

Cloe Lacasse’s journey to the Olympics began in her hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. She started playing soccer at the age of five with the Sudbury Canadians. Her passion for the sport was evident from a young age, and she quickly progressed through the ranks. By 2010, she had moved on to play for Brampton Brams United, where she continued to hone her skills.

Lacasse’s talent did not go unnoticed. She attended École secondaire Macdonald-Cartier, where she played a pivotal role in helping her team win the provincial OFSAA championships in 2010 and 2011. Her impressive performances earned her a scholarship to the University of Iowa, where she further developed her game and gained valuable experience.

After college, Lacasse embarked on a professional career in Europe, playing for various teams before joining Arsenal in England. Her journey from Sudbury to the global stage is a testament to her determination and perseverance.

Making the Olympic Team

The announcement of Cloe Lacasse’s inclusion in Canada’s Olympic soccer team was met with excitement and pride. Coach Bev Priestman and her staff named the 18-player roster, which includes several seasoned veterans and promising newcomers. Lacasse’s selection is particularly significant as it marks her first appearance at the Olympics.

Lacasse’s journey to the Olympic team was not without challenges. She narrowly missed out on the squad for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where Canada went on to win gold. However, her resilience and dedication paid off, and she now has the opportunity to represent her country on one of the biggest stages in sports.

The Canadian team will face tough competition in Paris, with matches against New Zealand, France, and Colombia in the group stage. Lacasse’s inclusion in the team adds depth and versatility to the squad, and her experience playing in Europe will be invaluable.

Looking Ahead to Paris 2024

As Cloe Lacasse prepares for her Olympic debut, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. The Paris 2024 Games will be a significant milestone in her career, and she is determined to make the most of this opportunity. Lacasse’s journey from Sudbury to the Olympics is an inspiring story of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

The Canadian team is aiming to defend their Olympic title, and Lacasse’s inclusion in the squad is a testament to her abilities and potential. Her journey serves as an inspiration to young athletes in Sudbury and beyond, showing that with determination and hard work, dreams can become a reality.

Lacasse’s story is a reminder of the power of sport to bring people together and inspire future generations. As she takes to the field in Paris, she will carry the hopes and dreams of her hometown and her country with her.

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