Recurrent: The Crystal Ball for Used EV Battery Life

In the burgeoning market of electric vehicles (EVs), the startup Recurrent emerges as a beacon of transparency, offering a much-needed service for used EV buyers. By analyzing the life left in car batteries, Recurrent provides a glimpse into the future health and value of these vehicles, akin to a crystal ball for EV longevity.

Recurrent’s approach is simple yet revolutionary. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from a vehicle’s battery management system, checking in multiple times a day to record various metrics. This data, which includes odometer readings, state of charge, and estimated range, is then used to predict the battery’s remaining lifespan.

The company’s software requires no additional hardware, running seamlessly on the existing systems of thousands of EVs. It normalizes factors like weather, driving, and charging styles to compare similar vehicles, providing a clear picture of which battery is healthier.

The Recurrent Range Score

At the heart of Recurrent’s service is the Range Score, a comprehensive report that offers insights into an EV’s battery health. This includes a current range, projected range in three years, market value, and a comparison against similar models.

Owners who sign up with Recurrent receive monthly wellness reports and access to a dashboard that displays a wealth of information about their vehicle’s battery. This includes a state-of-charge scatter chart that shows how much time the battery spends in its optimal charge range.

The Future of EV Purchasing

Recurrent’s service is poised to change the way people buy used EVs. By providing detailed reports on battery health, the startup helps buyers make informed decisions and could potentially increase the resale value of well-maintained EVs.

As the EV market continues to grow, Recurrent’s role becomes increasingly vital, ensuring that buyers have access to reliable information about the vehicles they’re considering. This transparency is not just good for consumers; it’s good for the industry as a whole.

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