Payal Kapadia’s Ongoing Dispute with Film Institute: From FTII Protests to Cannes Grand Prix Win

Payal Kapadia, the talented filmmaker behind the award-winning movie “All We Imagine as Light,” has made headlines at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. However, her journey to success has been far from smooth. Let’s delve into the intriguing story of her ongoing dispute with the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII).

In 2015, Kapadia was at the forefront of a 139-day protest against the appointment of actor-turned-politician Gajendra Chauhan as the FTII chairman. Students believed that Chauhan did not match the vision and stature of past chairmen, and his appointment appeared “politically colored.” Despite being an outstanding student, Kapadia faced disciplinary action and was denied opportunities such as participating in a foreign exchange program and receiving a scholarship.

The Grand Prix Win

Fast forward to 2024, and Kapadia has secured India’s first Grand Prix award at Cannes for her debut feature film. “All We Imagine as Light” competed in the prestigious competition, marking the first Indian movie in 30 years to do so. Her achievement is a testament to her resilience and talent.

The Path Ahead

As Kapadia continues to make waves in the film industry, her ongoing dispute with FTII serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by independent filmmakers. Her Cannes win is a triumph, but it also sheds light on the need for institutional support and recognition.

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