Triumph of Tradition: Kiwi Family Firms Excel at Prestigious Awards

The Family Business Excellence Awards, held on May 2nd in Cairns, shone a spotlight on the exceptional achievements of family-owned businesses from New Zealand, with three standout companies claiming top honors. This event, organized by the Family Business Association (FBA), celebrated the unique contributions and successes of family enterprises in the region.

The awards recognized businesses that excelled in governance, entrepreneurship, and stewardship, highlighting the competitive edge that family involvement brings to these enterprises. Tuatara Structures, a Christchurch-based firm, was lauded for its commitment to sustainability, achieving Toitū CarbonZero certification and integrating environmental best practices into its projects.

Carus Ltd, another Christchurch gem, received acclaim for its bespoke painting services and property maintenance solutions, demonstrating excellence in customer service and business growth. The Faull family, hailing from Taranaki, transformed their dairy farming roots into a global hospitality empire, Swiss-Belhotel International, showcasing the dynamic evolution and scalability of family businesses.

A Legacy of Innovation and Sustainability

These awards underscore the pivotal role family businesses play in fostering innovation and sustainability within the New Zealand economy. Tuatara Structures, for instance, not only champions green building designs but also advocates for industry-wide environmental practices.

The recognition of Carus Ltd and Swiss-Belhotel International further emphasizes the diverse capabilities of family businesses, from providing tailored local services to competing on a global stage. These firms exemplify how family values can drive business practices that are both ethical and profitable.

Looking Forward to a Brighter Business Horizon

As the FBA opens entries for the 2024-25 awards, the triumphs of these Kiwi businesses serve as an inspiration for family enterprises across Australia and New Zealand. Their achievements are a testament to the resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking that family businesses bring to the economic landscape.

The Family Business Excellence Awards not only honor the past and present accomplishments but also set a benchmark for future aspirants. They celebrate the spirit of family businesses that continue to innovate, sustain, and lead by example in an ever-evolving market.

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