Baylor students form Music Industry Club to pursue their passion and career

Baylor University has a new organization on campus that caters to students who want to work in the music industry after college. The Music Industry Club, which was founded in fall 2022, provides a home for artists, musicians, producers, and marketers who share a common interest and goal in the music business. The club also helps to promote and support student musicians by providing them with resources, opportunities, and exposure.

The Music Industry Club was the brainchild of Milo Langmore, a senior from San Antonio and the club president. Langmore said he came up with the idea for the club when he was talking to one of his friends at a dodgeball tournament, and they mentioned they wanted to work in the music industry after college.

“I tried doing research to see if there was anything related to the club, because I originally wanted to join a club like this when I came to Baylor,” Langmore said. “And I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to start my own.”

Langmore said he wanted to create a club that would help students learn about the different aspects and opportunities of the music industry, and also connect them with other students who have similar aspirations and passions.

“Our vision is to create a community of students who are interested in the music industry, and to help them grow and develop their skills and talents,” Langmore said. “We also want to showcase the amazing talent that Baylor has, and to give them a platform to share their music with the world.”

The structure and activities of the Music Industry Club

The Music Industry Club has two committees: the Music and Productions Committee, which is catered toward musicians and artists, and the Marketing and Media Committee, which handles the business side of things. The club has about 40 active members, and meets every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in Room 201 of Tidwell Bible Building.

Savannah Wanebo, a senior from Lone Tree, Colo., and the club marketing chair, said the club is actively producing and releasing music this semester, and has three artists signed: Bōlají, SUNNN, and Langley Cerovich.

“On the marketing side, we have a lot of different releases that are coming up this semester, and so for us right now, it’s a lot of planning,” Wanebo said. “And then there’s also the music and production side of things. They’re helping mix different songs and do some of the more tactical musical elements.”

The club also hosts regular events and workshops to help educate members about the different areas of the music industry. Zoe Brandenstein, a senior from Saint Louis, Mo., and the club vice president, said the club has invited two guest speakers to give presentations, with Q&A sessions at the end.

“One of them was Annalise LoBiondo. She was a marketing executive at Glassnote Records,” Brandenstein said. “The second one that we had was Tim Heintz, and he was a CEO. He worked at Disney.”

Additionally, the club acts as a record label for Baylor student musicians. It has three artists signed: Bōlají, SUNNN, and Langley Cerovich.

“Our oldest one that is signed is named Bōlají, and he is like rap, R&B, and pop,” Langmore said. “He started out with 7,000 monthly listeners and is now, I think, at 90,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.”

Langmore said the club serves as a place for Baylor student musicians to come together, putting on regular events that provide a place for students to enjoy music while promoting artists.

“We’ve put on a couple rooftop concerts on top of Collins parking garage for [ Bōlají ], and it’s fun,” Langmore said. “We get like 40 or 60 people, and I pull the back of my pickup truck and bring speakers, and he just gets on top of it and does a whole entire show to promote a single or something.”

The impact and future of the Music Industry Club

The Music Industry Club has made a positive impact on the Baylor campus and beyond, by providing a space for students to pursue their passion and career in the music industry, and by showcasing the talent and diversity of Baylor student musicians.

Olivia Martin, a sophomore from Houston and a club member, said she joined the club because she loves music and wants to work in the music industry after college.

“I think it’s a really cool opportunity to learn more about the music industry and to network with other people who have the same interests as me,” Martin said. “I also think it’s really cool to support the artists that are in the club and to see their growth and success.”

Langmore said he hopes the club will continue to grow and thrive in the future, and to become a recognized and respected organization in the music industry.

“I hope that the club will become a staple of Baylor, and that people will know us for our music and our impact,” Langmore said. “I also hope that the club will become a bridge between Baylor and the music industry, and that we will be able to create opportunities and connections for our members and our artists.”

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