Hajj operators lament forex market instability

The Association for Hajj and Umrah Operators of Nigeria (AHUON) has identified instability in the foreign exchange (forex) market as a major threat to the hajj and umrah industry in the country. The outgoing president of AHUON, Alhaji Yahaya Nasidi Suleiman, stated this at the association’s annual general meeting (AGM), held at the National Mosque in Abuja on Monday. Suleiman said that the forex market fluctuations have made it difficult for the operators to plan and execute their services, and have increased the cost of hajj and umrah for the intending pilgrims.

Suleiman appealed to the federal government to intervene and support the hajj and umrah operators, who are facing various challenges in the industry. He said that the government should provide forex at a subsidized rate for the operators, and also allocate more seats and slots for the Nigerian pilgrims. He also urged the government to review and harmonize the policies and regulations governing the hajj and umrah industry, and to ensure the welfare and security of the Nigerian pilgrims. Suleiman said that the government’s intervention and support would enable the operators to provide quality and affordable services to the pilgrims, and to contribute to the development of the industry and the economy.

A commendation for the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria

Suleiman commended the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) for its efforts and achievements in the hajj and umrah industry. He said that NAHCON has been working hard to improve the hajj and umrah operations, and to ensure the safety and comfort of the Nigerian pilgrims. He also praised NAHCON for its initiatives and innovations, such as the Hajj Savings Scheme, the Hajj Training Institute, and the Hajj House Project. Suleiman said that NAHCON has been a reliable and supportive partner for the hajj and umrah operators, and that he hopes that the collaboration and cooperation between the two parties will continue and grow stronger.

A handover to the new executive council

Suleiman also used the occasion of the AGM to hand over the leadership of AHUON to the new executive council, led by the incoming president, Alhaji Ibrahim Umar. He congratulated the new executive council, and expressed his confidence in their ability and capacity to lead the association and the industry. He also thanked the outgoing executive council, the members of the association, and the stakeholders in the industry, for their support and cooperation during his tenure. Suleiman said that he is proud of the achievements and progress that AHUON has made under his leadership, and that he will continue to serve and support the association and the industry in any capacity.

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