Red Route Plan Sparks Concerns Among Evington Road Traders

A plan to introduce a red route along Evington Road in Leicester has sparked concerns among the traders in the area, who fear that it will drive away their customers and harm their businesses. The red route, which is a traffic enforcement measure that prohibits stopping or parking on the road, is being considered by the city council as a way to tackle illegal parking and congestion in the busy neighbourhood.

Evington Road is one of the main routes in and out of the city centre, and is also a vibrant and diverse shopping area, with many shops, restaurants, and services catering to different communities and cultures. However, the road also suffers from chronic problems of illegal parking and congestion, which cause safety issues, traffic delays, and pollution.

According to the city council, illegal parking on Evington Road is a “persistent and widespread” issue, which affects the flow of traffic, the access of emergency vehicles, the visibility of pedestrians and cyclists, and the quality of life of residents and businesses. The council says that illegal parking also reduces the availability of parking spaces for legitimate customers and visitors, and that the current parking restrictions and enforcement are not effective enough to deter offenders.

The Proposal of a Red Route

The city council is proposing to introduce a red route along Evington Road, which would ban stopping or parking on the road at any time, except for buses, taxis, and blue badge holders. The red route would be marked by red lines on the road and signs on the pavement, and would be enforced by cameras and wardens. Anyone who stops or parks on the red route would face a fine of £70, which would be reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.

The council says that the red route would improve the traffic flow, the road safety, the air quality, and the attractiveness of the area, and that it would benefit the residents, the businesses, and the visitors. The council also says that the red route would not affect the existing parking facilities, such as the off-street car parks and the side streets, and that it would provide more loading and unloading bays for the traders.

The Reaction of the Traders

However, the traders in the area are not convinced by the council’s arguments, and are worried that the red route would have a negative impact on their businesses and customers. They say that the red route would discourage people from coming to the area, as they would not be able to stop or park near the shops, and that it would reduce their sales and income.

The traders also say that the red route would not solve the problem of illegal parking and congestion, as it would only shift it to other areas, and that it would create more confusion and frustration for the drivers and the residents. They also say that the council has not consulted them properly, and that they have not been given enough information or alternatives.

The traders have launched a petition against the red route plan, which has gathered more than 1,000 signatures so far. They have also held a protest outside the town hall, and have met with some councillors and MPs to voice their concerns. They are calling on the council to scrap the red route plan, and to work with them to find a better solution.

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