Colorado Mom Takes Down Peeping Tom Filming in Dressing Room

Lakewood, Colorado – Michelle Chandler, a mother of five, confronted and restrained a stranger who allegedly filmed her in a mall dressing room. Here’s what happened:

Michelle Chandler was shopping at a Nordstrom department store in Lakewood when she noticed something unsettling in the fitting room. Rather than wait for authorities, she took matters into her own hands.

The Altercation

As Chandler tried on clothes, she smelled someone’s feet in the fitting room. When she looked over, she saw men’s shoes, socks, and a phone pointed directly at her. Without hesitation, she grabbed the man, threw him down, and pinned him to the ground.

Accountability and National Debate

Chandler posted a video on Instagram showing several men assisting her in holding down the suspect. She emphasized the need for accountability and tied the incident to the ongoing national debate over transgender people in fitting rooms.

Michelle Chandler’s quick thinking and courage prevented further harm. Her actions highlight the importance of vigilance and personal safety.

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