Aligning AI Ambitions with Effective Communication: Insights from WE’s ‘Brands in Motion’ Study

The latest ‘Brands in Motion’ study by WE Communications delves into the intricate relationship between a business’s artificial intelligence (AI) strategies and its communication practices. The report, titled “Bridging the AI Expectation Gap,” highlights the crucial role clear communication plays in realizing AI visions within organizations.

The study uncovers a significant disparity between the optimistic AI visions of business leaders and the practical implementation within their organizations. While 83% of respondents exhibit optimism about AI, less than half have concrete programs to ensure successful AI adoption. Moreover, only 37% actively communicate AI’s benefits internally, suggesting a need for more proactive and transparent dialogue about AI initiatives.

Communication as a Catalyst for AI Adoption

Effective communication is identified as the linchpin for aligning stakeholders with a company’s AI vision. The study emphasizes the importance of articulating this vision to both internal and external audiences. It suggests that sharing leadership’s perspective on AI can build momentum for AI initiatives, yet few businesses have established plans for implementing and communicating AI integration.

Strategies for Bridging the Gap

The ‘Brands in Motion’ study recommends several strategies to address the AI expectation gap. These include building a robust AI communications strategy, refreshing the company’s transformation narrative to include AI, employing executive thought leadership to integrate AI messaging, and updating crisis plans to incorporate potential AI-related issues.

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