Best Internet Providers in Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California, offers a variety of internet service providers (ISPs) catering to different needs and budgets. From high-speed fiber connections to reliable cable and satellite options, residents have multiple choices to ensure they stay connected. This article explores the top internet providers in Long Beach, highlighting their features, pricing, and availability to help you make an informed decision.

Spectrum is one of the most widely available ISPs in Long Beach, offering cable internet services with download speeds up to 1 Gbps. This makes it a popular choice for households with multiple users and devices. Spectrum’s plans are competitively priced, starting at around $49.99 per month, making it an affordable option for many residents.

One of the key advantages of Spectrum is its extensive coverage, reaching nearly 98% of Long Beach. This ensures that most residents can access high-speed internet without significant disruptions. Additionally, Spectrum offers bundled services, including cable TV and phone, providing a comprehensive solution for home entertainment and communication needs.

Customer service is another area where Spectrum excels. The provider has multiple local stores in Long Beach, allowing customers to easily resolve issues, upgrade services, or return equipment. This local presence enhances the overall customer experience, making Spectrum a reliable and convenient choice for internet services.

AT&T: High-Speed Fiber and Versatile Plans

AT&T is another major player in the Long Beach internet market, known for its high-speed fiber optic services. With download speeds reaching up to 5 Gbps, AT&T’s fiber plans are ideal for heavy internet users, such as gamers, streamers, and households with numerous connected devices. The starting price for AT&T’s fiber plans is around $55 per month, offering excellent value for the speed and reliability provided.

In addition to fiber, AT&T also offers DSL services, ensuring that even areas without fiber infrastructure can still access reliable internet. This versatility makes AT&T a suitable option for both urban and suburban areas of Long Beach. The provider’s extensive network and commitment to expanding fiber coverage mean that more residents can benefit from high-speed internet in the future.

AT&T’s customer service is highly rated, with various support channels available, including online chat, phone support, and local stores. This ensures that customers can get assistance quickly and efficiently, enhancing their overall satisfaction with the service. AT&T’s reputation for reliability and speed makes it a top choice for internet services in Long Beach.

Frontier: Affordable Fiber and DSL Options

Frontier offers both fiber and DSL internet services in Long Beach, providing a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. Frontier’s fiber plans offer download speeds up to 5 Gbps, making them a great choice for high-demand users. The starting price for these plans is competitive, around $49.99 per month, making high-speed internet accessible to more residents.

For those in areas where fiber is not available, Frontier’s DSL plans offer a reliable alternative. While DSL speeds are generally lower than fiber, they are sufficient for everyday activities such as browsing, streaming, and online gaming. Frontier’s DSL plans are also affordably priced, starting at around $19.99 per month, making them a budget-friendly option for many households.

Frontier’s customer service has improved in recent years, with a focus on resolving issues promptly and efficiently. The provider offers various support channels, including phone, online chat, and social media, ensuring that customers can get help when they need it. Frontier’s commitment to expanding its fiber network and improving customer service makes it a strong contender in the Long Beach internet market.

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