“Duryodhan Bana Superman”: A Cult Classic Revisited

“Duryodhan Bana Superman” stands as a testament to the creative audacity of Indian cinema. This B-movie, starring Puneet Issar, is a delightful concoction of action, sci-fi, and comedy, offering a unique spin on the superhero genre that has captivated a niche audience for decades.

Puneet Issar, known for his portrayal of Duryodhan in the epic TV series “Mahabharat,” dons the iconic red and blue costume to become Shekhar, a desi Clark Kent sent to Earth as an infant. His transformation into Superman is a journey filled with campy charm and earnest performances that have endeared it to fans of offbeat cinema.

Issar’s Superman is part of a lineage that includes the likes of Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill, yet stands apart due to its distinct Bollywood flavor. The film’s blend of genres and its fearless embrace of its B-movie identity make it a unique entry in the annals of superhero films.

A Legacy of Superhero Cinema

“Duryodhan Bana Superman” is a cultural artifact, reflecting a time when Indian filmmakers boldly interpreted Western icons through their lens. The film’s legacy is intertwined with the history of superhero films in India, tracing back to the 1960s when actress Nirupa Roy became the first Indian actor—and the only woman—to play Superman.

The 1987 film by B Gupta, although not widely known, is a part of this fascinating history, showcasing the evolution of superhero storytelling in Indian cinema. It’s a legacy that Puneet Issar proudly carries, having brought to life a character that resonates with the aspirations and imaginations of its audience.

Conclusion: Celebrating Cinematic Courage

“Duryodhan Bana Superman” may not have the polish of its Hollywood counterparts, but its heart and ingenuity shine through. It’s a film that celebrates the spirit of B-movies and the joy they bring to their dedicated fan base.

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